Anger Management

Posted on 28 May, 2014 at 9:54 Comments comments (2)
I see client's regularly, who, when they make initial contact to make an appointment with me, tell me that they have "an anger problem".

Frequently they have been told by their partner"if you don't do something about your anger then the relationship is over. I can't live like this anymore".

The client's next step is to try and find someone, a professional counsellor, to get help.

I guess if you are reading this then some of what's been written has touched a chord with you?

Often when they do contact me this problem has gone on for sometime and the client is confused about how they feel.

They can shrug this off with......."I don't see what all the fuss is about, I don't have a problem with anger. If she stopped nagging me things would be fine".

Or realise their partner gets fearful when they are angry......" She told me how scared she gets when I get angry, half the time I don't even realise I am coming across as being that way".

"Sometimes I get so angry and raging I am frightened I will hurt myself or other people I love".

Does this sound familiar to you?

The good news is if you have had this conversation with your partner/family and they have suggested you get help and you have got as far as reading this then you have made an important step. You have listened to what they said and taken action. There maybe a part of you that realises you have a problem or perhaps that your relationship has run into difficulty.

Often when I start to work with client's they begin to realise that they have encountered similar difficulties in previous relationships. They may have been brought up in very strict families where physical and emotional abuse was routine. As a child in this environment had learned this behaviour from an early age and had very little awareness of how this had impacted on them and their relationship with others.

Client's who work with me may decide and contract with me to work on a short-term or long-term basis either one to one or as a couple, after one to one work.

If you would like to know more or to have a 15 minute, no obligation, telephone call then please phone me on 07824700980.