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Thinking about counselling? This may help?

Posted on 2 November, 2013 at 12:31
I guess if you are looking at this blog article you have been thinking about counselling?
You might be doing a bit of research to see what's out there and if I might be someone you could contact to find out more before taking the plunge?
Well.....look no further my friend.
Consider these questions, which may help to make up your mind:
1. Are you feeling distressed, lost and confused?                                                                    YES/ NO
2. Have you had a major life event such as separation, divorce, end of a significant relationship, bereavement and are struggling to cope?                                                                                                                      YES/ NO
3. Have you found relationships always seem to end the same way and follow a pattern?  YES/ NO
4. Have friends and family suggested you seek counselling but you can't see why?             YES/ NO
5. Has your partner given you an ultimatum to get help or they are leaving you?               YES/ NO
6. Have become tired of feeling low, depressed, angry or upset?                                            YES/ NO
7. Are there aspects of your life you want to change?                                                               YES/NO
8. Do you feel anxious and worried most of the time and don't know why?                           YES/ NO
9. Has stuff from your childhood started to come into your thoughts more?                         YES/ NO
10. Are you finding relationships at work difficult and you are being bullied?                      YES/ NO
If you've answered YES to any of these questions then counselling may help you?

Categories: Is counselling for me?

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